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We must come to a final settlement, Torvald.

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From these circumstances came the adaptation called Breaking a Butterfly. I may tell you that there is something that is called, in business, quarterly interest, and another thing called payment in installments, and it is always so dreadfully difficult to manage them.

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London: T. Nora [tosses her head and crosses the stage]. Following his marriage to Suzannah Thoresen, he moved his family to Italy in after struggling to find financial success. All that large sum? There would have been no credit in that. He is a widower now, isn't he? In the century and more since, the play and the role of Nora have taken on iconic status; Unesco's Memory of the World register calls Nora "a symbol throughout the world, for women fighting for liberation and equality". As he reads them, Nora steels herself to take her life. Mrs Linde, dear; Christine Linde. Be quiet! Nora [helping her]. You have just come at a fortunate moment, Mrs Linde. In the Lottery? I knew nothing of Ibsen, but I knew a great deal of Robertson and H. Do you know the man?

I know that. That nearly made him angry, Christine. Nora and Torvald Helmer believe they are happily married and on the brink of a blissful new phase of life: Torvald has been promoted to bank manager and their money worries are over.

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Nora [hiding the packet]. Ibsen began to gain international recognition, and his works were produced across Europe and translated into many different languages. Oh, if it is a wife who has any head for business--a wife who has the wit to be a little bit clever-- Mrs Linde.

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But--the doctor?

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Henrik Ibsen () and his play A Doll’s House ()