A teaching philosophy built on knowledge critical thinking and curiosity

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Keeping oneself updated with the new trends in teaching and learning assists in meeting needs of the learners. The road bends and turns, and certainly there are detours and scenic byways, but I want them to know that we do have a map and that off-roading is sometimes encouraged.

I see my role as a teacher as one of transferring a fundamental knowledge of course content to students while cultivating their critical thinking skills through the application of theory and concepts to current health- economic- and industry-related issues.

That is reserved for our creative works, the things we make. Effective learning is the outcome of the successful interaction between a teacher and the student. Teaching and learning is a dynamic process and requires flexibility for a trustworthy relationship between a teacher and a student.

Bastable, S. I expect that my students will have a variety of levels of desire for learning. The simultaneity of spatial existence means we are different, multiple, and yet connected in the world.

Learning is a treasure which accompanies its owner everywhere and throughout life. If I expect from my students to follow certain values and beliefs, the same principle applies for the teacher as well and should do the same.

In this paper, I would be presenting my teaching philosophy in the context of students, teachers, teaching-learning cycle, and the learning environment. Being in a student role, I strongly believe that all the students have a right to be respected and the teacher expects the same which helps in inculcating trust in a relationship.

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A teaching philosophy built on knowledge critical thinking and curiosity