Alan shapiro why write a will

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My heart aches. Can you talk about the prose poem? Quotidian distinctions between mind and body, self and other, space and time, dissolve.

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I feel very confident that American poetry is strong and getting stronger, becoming even more diverse and vital. Athletes know all about this nearly hallucinatory state. And if you write poetry, hardly anyone is listening. And the process is so individualistic, every writer finds his or her own set of rituals and habits, and ways of proceeding.

In the preserve of the privileged, I whisper, Honest men take small breaths to avoid The smell of wasted, rotting game. AS: Being a writer is no big deal; it's just what I do whether or not what I write gets published. AS: Making something beautiful and right on the page out of experiences that are often not beautiful and wrong off the page.

alan shapiro why write a will
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Alan R. Shapiro