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Traxler G, Pingali P. A confluence of factors has come together in recent years to generate renewed interest in agriculture and spur the early stages of GR 2. Women farmers and female-headed households are found to have gained proportionally less than their male counterparts across crops and continents 44 , Agric Syst. Lipton, M. These seeds played a very prominent role in the introduction of green revolution of India. Abstract A detailed retrospective of the Green Revolution, its achievement and limits in terms of agricultural productivity improvement, and its broader impact at social, environmental, and economic levels is provided. The world population has grown by about five billion [47] since the beginning of the Green Revolution and many believe that, without the Revolution, there would have been greater famine and malnutrition. Low income countries and lagging regions of emerging economies continue to rely on agricultural productivity as an engine of growth and hunger reduction 5 — 7.

However, the need for continued investments in agricultural innovation and productivity growth is as important today as it was in the early years of the GR. However, Malthus could not visualize at that time that technological advancements could make a tremendous difference in the food production and that it could keep pace with the population curve.

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As a result, Brazil has become the world's second biggest soybean exporter. Although the Mexican Revolution had broken the back of the hacienda system and land reform in Mexico had by distributed a large expanse of land in central and southern Mexico, agricultural productivity had fallen.

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The spread of crop genetic improvement for marginal production environments and orphan crops adds to the continued high returns that have been observed in the post-GR period. Himself a successful crop breeder, Wallace had helped to produce the first sterile hybrid corn in the s and was the founder of Pioneer Hi-Bred seed company Murphy, James reported that during andthe global area under GM crops has increased 47 times.

Keywords: global public goods, nutrition, poverty, technology, agricultural development The developing world witnessed an extraordinary period of food crop productivity growth over the past 50 y, despite increasing land scarcity and rising land values.

Overall, these efforts benefited virtually all consumers in the world and the poor relatively more so, because they spend a greater share of their income on food Worldwide fertilizer usage increased from 31 million tonnes in to million tonnes in and to million tonnes in FAO,

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