An analysis of the vietnam war in the memoir born on the fourth of july by ron kovic

For the past two years we have been involved in a tragic and senseless war in Iraq.

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Between April 19—26, he attended meetings at Rome's City Hall with other international peace activists, diplomats and academics, to discuss the need for conflict resolution and other more peaceful, nonviolent alternatives to war as a way of solving the world's many conflicts. THEMES Masculinity Masculinity has long been narrowly defined in American culture, and in the mids, it came to be represented by physical prowess, bravado, control over emotions, and sexuality.

Utilizing the passive voice to accentuate how he was being shaped into an instrument of punitive agency, Kovic comments: "They were driving him and pushing him and shoving him, screaming and bullying him through this whole crazy thing.

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The scar will always be there, a living reminder of that war, but it has also become something beautiful now, something of faith and hope and love. Patriots unswervingly supported the president and the troops, while traitors questioned the government and demanded answers. The final words of this section, however, are not italicized. He would do anything to be first, even if it meant incredible agony. As bravery on the battlefield earned him nothing but paralysis and pain, he comes to see bravery on the home front as a true measure of a man. I now believe I have suffered for a reason and in many ways I have found that reason in my commitment to peace and nonviolence. Kovic also experiences the guilt of his awakening sexuality, thinking it is a sin, and the typical conflicts between teenagers and their parents. The North marched into South Vietnam, taking all major cities. Introduction It was exactly forty years ago this past September that I left my house in Massapequa, New York to join the United States Marine Corps and begin an extraordinary journey that was to lead me into a disastrous war which would change my life, and others of my generation, profoundly and forever.

Even when he came back from Vietnam as a cripple, he did not speak out against it, he still believed in what was happening over there, he still believed in what he had been fighting for.

Speaking on behalf of a new ideal and working on behalf of peace becomes the new definition of manliness for Kovic, which frees him from previously held constraints.

Patients scream in pain and at each other.

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His mother using the hula hoop. I now believe I have suffered for a reason and in many ways I have found that reason in my commitment to peace and nonviolence. When he is hit by a bullet, his initial thoughts are that "I was getting out of the war and I was going to be a hero. For readers interested in first-hand accounts of the Vietnam War , the protest culture of the s and s, and even the conditions to which Vietnam veterans returned after the war, Kovic's memoir proves a valuable resource. He makes a spectacle of himself one night, getting so intoxicated that he urinates in the backseat of someone's car. Several months later, he volunteered to return to Vietnam for a second tour of duty. Convinced that I was destined to die young, I struggled to leave something of meaning behind, to rise above the darkness and despair. I was exhausted and my back ached, but none of that seemed to matter. When he hits a home run for little league you can experience, not the joy it brought him at the time, but the pain in remembering that joy now that he can no longer do those things. Stone expressed great admiration for Kovic, praising him for affecting change in America's VA hospitals, and actively protesting both Gulf Wars. It took many deaths and many years of trying to understand himself before he could see with open eyes how unjust America had been to him and his fellow veterans. The narrative shifts back to first person for two pages as Kovic thinks of his tangible manhood, the beauty of women he is noticing on the beach, and the frustrating fact that he will never again have sex. After this moment, Kovic's total transformation into activist seems complete, both in his eyes and in those of the public: "Every chance I had to get my broken body on the tube or in front of an audience I went hog wild. It took this life changing event for Kovic to change how he thought of his country.

That last bright and beautiful morning when everything was to change forever, that last moment of lighthearted innocence and youth, of Massapequa and the backyard before the shock, the chaos, and the deluge.

Was America's image that of John Wayne, swaggering and always victorious? I remember seeing those photos on several occasions after I came home from Vietnam and each time having terrible nightmares that shook me badly.

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