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As expressed in his name, Father Mulligan was a priest. The family has a broad spectrum of issues within each other, there is a great sense of forbidden love, and lastly an extensive amount of degraded self-esteem is portrayed. They become awe-struck by the development of the colonizers land, and as a result become confused with where their loyalties should lie.

There are a lot of serious matters dealt with in this novel.

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The principle that I will be examining in this paper is that the light of Christ guides people to the gospel, and the more light we gain, the better understanding of the gospel we obtain I grew up in a Christian home, where we went to church every Sunday It is semi-autobiographical in that it incorporates, embellishes, and greatly supplements events from her family's history.

Fortunately for the author and the novel, Thomas was unsuccessful and his lawsuit served only to bolster Roy's assertions throughout the novel that the caste system still greatly affects present-day Indian society. Post God of Small Things the number of women novelists from India have increased.

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