Argumentative essay about factory farming

Argumentative essay about factory farming

The factory farming industry accounts for large amounts of the ozone layer being destroyed, more than cars. Occupying a large proportion of the market doesnt mean the business is just.

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Detroit: Greenhaven Press, Current Controversies. Because of innovations, farming methods have changed.

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The piglets suffer their tails being cut off and their ears being mutilated for identification. A confinement dairy does not have that option. This includes cutting off the beaks of chickens and turkeys de-beaking , and amputating the tails of cows and pigs docking. Many popular documentaries such as What The Health, Forks Over Knives, Earthlings, and more expose the horrors of these factory farms as they torture their livestock, causing them pain through artificial insemination, separation from their children, forced production of milk, and more. With the help of the Government, Smithfield began bussing in Mexican illegal immigrants to work in the meat packing plant. We have impregnated sows and fattened piglets for the slaughter. Thus, traditional farmers cannot sustain their business or even earn a living. In fact, we could replace factory farming by other alternatives anytime we want. It is known that animals in factory farms are not treated as what they are, but instead as machines to produce the highest possible number of output. Robert Kenner. Re-state thesis Factory farming causes more harm than good, and should be banned. Specific Purpose: By the end of my speech I will inform you of the harmful effects of Factory Farming.

They are raised just to die. Its not just the animals that are affected in the industry of factory farming, but us humans and our environment is as well. The amount of waste alone is more then a hundred times the amount of waste created by humans Horrigan, Lawrence, Walker, Bottom line, the United States fast food industry is the problem.

Yes there have been factories that have deplorable conditions but those are few and far between.

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It just has to be handled better in the future.

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Argument:Factory Farming