Banning usage of cellphones in moving vehicles is not cost effective

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Tickets only affect those who receive the ticket while a tax effects all. McCartt, Ph. Social Economic Benefits[ edit ] While paying tickets may be an undesired cost to pay by those who are given the ticket, ticket payments can actually have positive impacts in reducing the externality discussed above and increasing the total welfare of society.

An illustration of this intervention can be found below Figure 2 where, in this case, the government has the ability to fine or ticket those who use a phone while driving in order to reduce the quantity of distracted drivers on the road.

Ideally, information can be obtained to measure meaningful changes in the targeted behavior following implementation of the law and corresponding changes in crashes, injuries, or fatalities.

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It concluded that drivers' training should address the hazards of both mobile phone and passenger conversations. In Texasthe ban only applies when passengers under age 17 are present, and has no emergency exception. This includes texting while driving, using a smart phone with a built in GPS navigator, and using MP3 players.

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Driver Cellphone and Texting Bans in the United States: Evidence of Effectiveness