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Although children that participate in beauty pageants learn how to imitate adults and believe themselves to be mature, they do not receive the proper attention that a child deserves, thus developing potential psychological problems.

For example, Beauty pageants can cause all sorts of problems to young girls that will eventually involve as they grow up, or continue a career in the modelling business. Young girls should not be judged by how they look, weight, height etc… this can make the girls feel insecure about themselves when they are older Up until this point, she had been in a good position to win, yet this simple opinion cost her the coveted title of Miss USA.

Toddlers and Tiaras launched in Yap, Eve.

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Need a professional help with a research paper on Beauty Contest? Very rarely do we see kindergarten classes of kids wearing makeup; the children feel happy with themselves in their natural state, so there is no reason to introduce them any other reasoning.

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Children are not mature enough to respect the attention that others gain, and understand that other girls have the right to the spotlight as well; therefore, allowing young toddlers to be part of such violent competitions would only encourage them to become self-egocentric.

Beauty pageants are a complex snare of mental and physical stress, financial burdens, time consuming hours, and unrealistic beauty features.

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Please do not include any abstract or rationale, just a review of literature. She is probably going to be on TV. The first Miss America pageant, held in , started the modern beauty pageant era that exists today. Approximately , pageants take place a year all over the world, but the first pageant ever originated in Delaware in the United States. The three most important reasons is that the girls can grow up fast and do not enjoy their childhood, parents sexualize young girls, and can also cause cognitive and emotional problems Zuma With an emphasis placed on appearance in beauty contests, children become devastatingly concerned with the way that they look before many of them can walk. Some children love to go outside and get dirty, others prefer to stay indoors and play pretend. I support these pageants to an extent. It seems to give the idea that you have to be beautiful and be up to the judges expectations of how a beauty queen should act and looks like. Pretty is how you look; Beauty is who you are. Read bio's and watch clips on Monroe, Barbie and Beauty Pageants and please answer the following: What messages are inherent in beauty pageants, barbie and even icons such Marilyn Monroe in terms of beauty and sexuality? Some countries such as France, have even gone so far as to ban children under the age of sixteen to compete in pageants Beauty pageants originally can be traced to the first Miss America Pageant, which was held in

She squeezes into her bejeweled dress and puts on her heels.

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