Benefit of microsoft project

This will help make your work more organized, lively, and visual. The dashboard is particularly useful during meetings and presentations, as it essentially serves as a project KPI report.

why project management tools are important

Trello: No integrations with Microsoft products are listed on their websitebut Trello does integrate with Google products including CalendarDriveand Gmail. Meaning the capabilities are not the same across platforms.

And with access from various desktop and mobile devices, you can quickly view project data anywhere you are connected to the system.

If it is easy for employees to see what tasks they must complete, communicate and collaborate with each other then the project manager can spend less time managing these business aspects and spend more time on other things. This process provides a low-risk way to compare several tools without breaking the bank.

However, the same article showed that out of US-based project managers, where three quarters are in small and midsize businesses SMBsmore than 67 percent use MS Project. With this facility, you can also create a pool of resources and tap into them to complete tasks as your project comes together.

Every project is unique and has its own resource requirements.

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7 Microsoft Project Features You Need to Use