Benefits derived by wal mart from efficient supply chain management

Website: www. Distributor Cross docking In this type of cross docking, the manufacturer delivered the goods directly to the retailer. This enabled the company to satisfy customer needs quickly and improve the level of efficiency of the distribution center management operations.

walmart supply chain management analysis

In JanuaryWal-Mart expanded its German operations by buying 74 stores of the hypermarket chain, Interspar. However, drivers were not terminated simply because they violated the rules and terms mentioned in the handbook.

Hulet, D. Walton not only looked for opportunities to open stores in other small towns but also explored the possibility of introducing innovative practices such as self-service.

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Use five type of cross docking. The company made efforts to capitalize on every cost saving opportunity. The goods can be delivered by the distribution center directly to the store without opening the pack of the manufacturer and re-packing the goods. These dedicated truck fleets allowed the company to ship goods from the distribution centers to the stores within two days and replenish the store shelves twice a week. The hand-held computer guided an employee with regard to the location of a particular product from a particular bin or shelf in the center. Hulet, D. In cases where the manufacturer agreed to supply the required goods within the specified time, the goods were directly forwarded to a place called the staging area. The retailer was at a greater risk.

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Apart from an efficient distribution system, Wal-Mart was always among the front-runners in employing IT to manage its supply chain processes.

Walmart supply chain analysis

Wal-Mart also made use of the sophisticated algorithm system which enabled it to forecast the exact quantities of each item to be delivered, based on the inventories in each store. Rowat, Christine, "Cross docking: The move from supply to demand", www. O'Brien, P. By , the company was doing a billion dollar business in a week and by , it was crossing the billion dollar mark in every 1. Do No 5 tC op y Wal-Mart's Supply Chain Management Practices In cross docking, requisitions received for different goods from a store were converted into purchase or procurement orders. All information related to sales and inventories was passed on through an advanced satellite communication system. This book was maintained by Wal-Mart to create awareness about the role, duties and responsibilities of a driver towards the company, society and profession in various situations. Use five type of cross docking. The company was able to offer a vast range of products at the lowest costs in the shortest possible time.

According to rough estimates, Wal-Mart was able to provide replenishments within two days on an average against at least five days for competitors. Help to communicate with stores. No Wal-Mart suffered a setback inwhen Walton died after a prolonged illness.

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