Burger king result summaries questionnaire

KFC had worked hard in 16 years to become successful as now.

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About Burger King 1. Literature review Short time The time of survey is from Friday to Monday.

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Summary of Key Findings 1. High price They should have some kind of other meat such as lamb in there burger to make the menu more diverse.

Burger king result summaries questionnaire

All survey questions will be pretested using a convenience sample to access clarity instructions, questions, and administrative time dimensions. Burger King can do advertise on Television in the Gold Hour like 6 to 7pm, the time which all the family gather and have dinner. Burger King should invest more in the traditional marketing media such as: TV, radio and direct marketing. Pillsbury was acquired by the British entertainment conglomerate Grand Metropolitan in They need to change their promotion strategy. Place 43 2 5 3. Some trend is unclear and unable to see due to small sample size. The successful franchise However, levels of regular users aged over 35 than other groups. Different tasty, many kinds of burger, special sauce, or anything special were needed.

The delisting of its stock was designed to help the company repair its fundamental business structures and continue working to close the gap with McDonald's without having to worry about pleasing shareholders. Small sample size The sample size is quite small, therefore there are some limitation when analyzing data.

Price 43 1 3 2.

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