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In each of these four chapters, Aunt Eater delights in solving mysteries for her friends. Perfect for: Kids who like adventure stories. Each main character should also have a few sentences that describe their physical and personality traits. We have friends who have a Little Library in their front yard and are always looking for book donations to keep it filled. A turtle on a log notices something above him. Despite the protests and prejudice, one teammate named Pee Wee Reese stood up for Jackie. When even the cat began to miss him, the cat teaches Bobo how to be a good dog.

Children relate to the story line of things not always being pleasant and the occasional desire to escape. Topics such as leaving fingerprints, fighting with siblings, waiting for the school bus and more fill the pages.

The book holder will be the perfect spot to keep the books that we are currently reading. Perfect for: Kids who like to read about real people. Find Dad, Jackie, and Me at your local library. Presto, chango! Find I Knew You Could at your local library. Flotsam by: David Wiesner - Houghton Mifflin, 40 pages. They even have books in Spanish. Bespeckled and a little stressed out, pessimistic Gerald the elephant has the look of a worried old man while his upbeat friend Piggie is much more kid-like and exuberant.

The hanging boxes are eye-catching and are also a great way to promote reading in your classroom. Set for two voices, these hilarious versions of the three bears, pigs and goats, plus a couple of princesses and one beanstalk, can be read by even beginning readers.

Perfect for: Budding Scrabble players and kids who laugh at a good pun.

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The Dr. We started by cutting off the top flaps of our box.

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Flotsam by: David Wiesner - Houghton Mifflin, 40 pages. Perfect for: Appreciating friends and celebrating differences. Find Aunt Eater Loves a Mystery at your local library. The lessons learned here will last your child a lifetime. Find Frog and Toad Are Friends at your local library.

After consulting with his good friend Crocodile, he decides to go, but not without taking the necessary precautions. Rueda includes notes explaining the origins of the song traditional French and Spanish , as well as the musical notation. Perfect for: Helping kids understand the benefits of a great friend. Perfect for: Kids who like mysteries. Perfect for: Kids who like mystery. Private I. When Miss Smith reads from her storybook, characters pop out and her class experiences the adventures from her magic book in real life! The emphasis is on hard work, the spirit of determination and joy in the game. Your child will love these five stories about friendship that include adventures such as feeling embarrassed when wearing a bathing suit, waiting for mail, finding a lost button and waking up from hibernation in the spring. Just a few simple steps and your book or books will be on their way to you. A sure hit with kids starting chapter books. Shakeeta is the new girl and like all new kids since schools were first invented she feels out of place. Encourage them to refrain from using an image similar to what is already on the cover of the book they are reporting. On January 1st, a family is surprised by a delivery: a single penguin from a mysterious sender.

You can probably expect that when you have a Mom that teaches high school English. Wolf at your local library.

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