Class dealignment

Many more are employed in modestly paid jobs social workers, teachers, local government officersmany unionised, than in previous years. Although they still consider themselves middle class, their pay has declined relative to many skilled manual workers. Working class voters in Scotland have moved to the SNP — mainly caused by the equating of nationalism with socialism during the referendum campaign and then the election campaign, many working class voters moved from Labour to the SNP, with devastating results for Labour north of the border.

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dealignment and realignment

Many will be women and many will be part-time workers. You can also follow tutor2uPolitics on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channelor join our popular Facebook Groups.

class identification

Class dealignment took place in Britain posts, when people were more likely to pursue tertiary educationhave professional jobs and consequently more affluence. Few workers are employed in heavy industry coal, steel, shipbuilding with harsh working conditions and a strong trade union tradition.

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Class dealignment