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In 35 years at Greenpeace he bounced from box to box in the organogram: from door-to-door canvasser to campaigner to communications director to fundraiser, deck hand, digital pioneer, action coordinator, and story teller. A powerful organisational story is a way to align your staff and resources, bring clarity to your work, and help you inspire your audience to answer your call to action.

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Pin 2shares The Dancing Fox is one of the most popular places to eat in Lodi, especially on a Sunday for brunch. During his time with Greenpeace he led a pirate band of communicators to create a new organisational story, was Creative Director of the global Detox Campaign, and still made it home in time for tea and crumpets.

I loaded up my plate and added beans and potatoes to the side. Check out this open source tool here.

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When she's not behind her computer working or writing, you'll generally find her in the local park with a science fiction novel, admiring other people's dogs.

Creativity isn't unleashed around the usual meeting table with a speakerphone. There is parking along the street if you can find it or a structure down on Pine St if you want to walk.

I really enjoyed The Dancing Fox; the atmosphere was a lot of fun and the omelettes were fantastic. Story Mapping Our foxy gift for you: A magical story mapping tool If you attend a Dancing Fox training, you'll learn about this story mapping technique — a great lens through which to think about your campaign or organisational story.

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The Dancing Fox Winery & Brewery