Ece 312

Include your EID and course name. This means DON'T look on the internet for code to solve your problems.

Ece 312 ualberta

Software and Computer Facilities More information regarding software packages and programming environments can be found here. Essential Employability Skills Communicate clearly, concisely and correctly in the written, spoken and visual form that fulfils the purpose and meets the needs of the audience. Quizzes We will have frequent quizzes during the lab portion of the course. Use Reply All whenever possible to keep everyone in the loop. You must not enable someone else to turn in work that is not theirs. Uses materials purposefully, safely and respectfully as set by group rules. Section 2. Oral agreements may not be honored unless confirmed in writing. We will not consider any grade change request that does not fulfill this requirement. It is your responsibility to keep the University informed as to changes in your e-mail address. You may share additional test cases and expected results of test cases. Another activity will be us acting out how an animal moves. In these cases, your instructor will make clear to you exactly what kinds of collaboration are allowed for that class.

Include the unique or the recitation date and time if relevant, and the same also for your partner. Further penalties, including suspension or expulsion from the university may be imposed by that office.

ece 312 week 1 discussion 2

Email All students must become familiar with the University's official e-mail student notification policy. You may NOT use code from a program you worked on as part of a pair or code that was from a program involved in an academic dishonesty case. Explain appropriate personal responses to child abuse and family violence to support an ongoing professional relationships with children and families.

Take responsibility for one's own actions, decisions, and consequences.

Ece 312 week 1 discussion 2

Students who violate University and Departmental rules on scholastic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary penalties including the possibility of a lowered or zero grade on an assignment or exam, or failure in the course. You are responsible for complying with this policy in two ways: You must not turn in work that is not yours, except as expressly permitted by the instructor of each course. Apply a systematic approach to solve problems. At a minimum, you should complete any assignments, exams, and other scholastic endeavors with the utmost honesty, which requires you to: acknowledge the contributions of other sources to your scholastic efforts; complete your assignments independently unless expressly authorized to seek or obtain assistance in preparing them; follow instructions for assignments and exams, and observe the standards of your academic discipline; and avoid engaging in any form of academic dishonesty on behalf of yourself or another student. Section 2. Recognize indicators of child abuse, neglect and family violence that require an immediate professional response in accordance with child welfare laws and legislation. Plagiarism detection software may be used on assignments to find students who have copied code from one another and to check projects from previous semesters.

Note: You are allowed to post short segments 2 lines or less of code that are giving you syntax errors to the class discussion group in order to get help on fixing the syntax error.

ECE is a second year, third semester subject. The final exam will be optional. Policies We will not accept late work without a valid documented excuse.

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