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Known as the "Great Commoner," Bryan quickly developed a reputation as defender of the farmer. With that said, there were both upsides and downsides to the election.

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The National Republican Convention, St. On that platform he also received the nominations of the Populist and National Silver parties. Professor Coin further explains such concepts as credit money paper, coins, etc.

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Ohio businessman Marcus Alonzo Hanna raised more than three million dollars to promote McKinley candidacy. Example Essay on Presidential Election of The Presidential election of was called by some scientist the first modern election. However, some industrialists turned to threats to guarantee a Republican win. The ideas, however, did endure. This method worked and brought McKinley a victory. He was the 7th child born to William and Nancy Alison McKinley His family moved to Poland, Ohio when he was nine years old so that the children could go to a private school called the Poland Academy. The election of is also called the most dramatic in the American history. Borrowing became the only way to pay outstanding debts, even as falling prices continued because there was not enough real money behind the credit money. William McKinley, Republican Candidate The election of is seen as the beginning of a new era in American politics, or a "realignment" election. These populist "silverites" had made significant gains within the Democratic Party in the midterm elections, despite overall party losses.

This is also the type of election that is the least frequent of the three election types analyzed. The Populists, trying to preserve their party as separate from the Democrats, nominated Thomas E. In the spring offree silver Democrats won control of many of the state delegations to the national convention, but Democrats arrived at their convention in Chicago without a clear choice for the nomination.

Democrats, meanwhile, were split as they struggled to find a common direction for their party and overcome the unpopular actions and policies of the Cleveland administration.

Election of 1896 essay

Ever since the election of , American presidential contests had, on some level, been a referendum on whether the country should be governed by agrarian interests rural indebted farmers--the countryside--"main street" or industrial interests business--the city--"wall street". Roosevelt was born in New York in One of the most powerful political themes of the late-nineteenth century Republican Party was American nationalism. Today, they have won six-of-the-last nine. Demanding the free coinage of silver, Bryan shouted, "You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold! McKinley, governor of Ohio and a strong proponent of high tariffs, generated substantial support from wealthy industrialists. Some Democrats agreed with Cleveland's support of the gold standard. Republicans looked to capitalize on their popularity in the upper Midwest and the Northeast. These two brought change to the past ways of politics. Some people say that this election inspired "The Wizard of OZ. In June at the Republican national convention in St. The nominations The presidential campaign of was one of the most exciting in American history. A high protective tariff was emphasized, in conjunction with reciprocal trade agreements with other nations.

Watson as their vice presidential candidate. Behind the scenes, a wealthy Cleveland industrialist named Marc Hanna was determined to see McKinley elected. Hanna understood the power of brochures and newspapers as promotional tools and blanketed cities with million pieces of campaign literature in English and the native languages of immigrants, including German, Swedish, Polish, and Italian.

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They advocated "free silver"--the unlimited coinage of silver at a ratio of 16 to 1 against gold coins. The election of 1 was perhaps the most significant election after the victories of Abraham Lincoln because it marked a change in American politics. These advancements in American society abruptly halted on September 6, Analysis of these rates over the span of — shows that more voters participated in Presidential elections. Most Republicans, as well as Democratic supporters of Pres. Furthermore, in this case, James Weaver of the People's Party, who had finished a reputable third four years before, threw his aid to the Democratic candidate William Jennings Bryan. He had the support of the moneyed eastern establishment. William McKinley was the overwhelming favorite, another in a series of Republican candidates who came from Ohio, reflecting the growing political clout of the American Midwest. The U.

Bryan revolutionized campaign politics by launching a nationwide whistle-stop effort, making twenty to thirty speeches per day. You can order a custom essay on Presidential Election of topic at our professional essay writing agency.

Other foreign policy positions included support for the annexation of Hawaii, and the creation of a transoceanic canal through Nicaragua, controlled by the United States.

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