Energy performance of curtain wall

Paired Picture and Awning Windows: If a single large picture window is still not enough window for you, you can also pair sets of picture windows in a row. Unitized systems put larger components of the wall up at a time.

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Thermally broken aluminum frames are one way to improve insulation in windows. They thus require a careful choice in insulation to minimize condensation.

Energy performance of curtain wall

They typically include features like compression seals and locking components to improve efficiency. This area is generally opaque, but can be modified to be aesthetically pleasing. Interior glazed systems allow windows and other glass to be installed from inside the building, however, air infiltration is more of an issue in these systems. Thermal isolator gaskets were installed around metal parts e. These health-related factors combined to make the need for framing advancements imperative, and the area addressed next was manipulation of the aluminum profile itself. As well, glass curtain walls allow more light in, reducing the need for artificial lighting depending on the placement of the wall. The materials that are installed in these systems can promote light transmittance through glazing choice, tint choice, and shading methods used. Curtain walls are also categorized by how they are assembled and installed. Replacing the traditional aluminum spacer with warm-edge spacers constructed from low-conductivity materials such as polymers or low-conductivity stainless steel was a first step toward improving framing. For Further Reading. Homeowners often add a second row of awning windows—a narrow profiled window that opens outward—above or below this first set to offer ventilation and capture the breeze.

Exterior glazed systems have panels that are installed from the exterior of the curtain wall, but these may be difficult to install as they require scaffolding access.

This area is generally opaque, but can be modified to be aesthetically pleasing.

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Spandrel areas that are designed to conceal the building floor beams and other supporting elements. Nevertheless, aluminum is prized for its many advantages such as durability, recyclability, and strengthand its conductivity can be reduced by the addition of a thermal barrier.

Exacerbating the problem, alloyed aluminum—the most popular framing material in the industry—is also highly conductive. Unitized systems where the wall is made of large components that are assembled in a factory and put up at the construction site.

Together, low-e coatings and insulating glass units IGUs improved the thermal performance of glazed openings immensely, since the glass itself represents the largest surface area over which thermal transfer occurs.

Some curtain walls use drainage cutters to remove condensation to the exterior.

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Design a Glass Curtain Wall That's Beautiful and Energy Efficient