Erosion of shorelines essay

However, the mangroves themselves are susceptible to erosion when the soil under their root systems is undermined by wave action that mostly occurs during periods of lower water level or low tide.

Erosion of shorelines essay

More often, it is a slow, gradual, breakdown. The present configuration of the shoreline is now controlled by the various coastal defences', which mankind has put in place over the last - years. Humans are intellectual.

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Field observations and data collection of not only physical, but also socio-economic including historical if available data of the region are required and crucial at this stage. Most erosion in these zones is attributable to the removal of the mangroves and other trees.

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The intensity of natural processes formed their origin-either as erosional or depositional features. The boulder clay deposited 20, years ago as a result of the last retreating ice age is a soft rock of little resistance.

Starting with the Swanage area it can be seen that the area of Swanage is an Atlantic coast. Struve et al. To efficiently protect against coastal erosion a methodical combination of hard engineering and soft engineering solutions must be utilised. The geometry of mangrove trunks and their locations were taken into account and the interaction between mangrove trunks and roots was introduced through the modifications of the drag coefficients. In dune building or reconstruction, sand fences and mesh matting in combination with vegetation planting have successfully regenerated dunes via sediment entrapment and vegetation colonization. Identifying, Confirming and Quantifying the cause of the Problem: Identifying the cause of the problem requires analysis that should consider any possible sources — both natural and anthropogenic — confirm them, and quantify the scale and intensity of the source and impact in the past, present and possibly in the future. Increased interest in soft options in this case the use of coastal forest and trees for coastal protection is becoming predominant and is in line with advanced knowledge on coastal processes and the natural protective function of the coastal system. Some students that answered were headed in the right path but could not quite get the correct information. Mathematical formulas determine the necessary angle, shape and placement of each headland. Aim of study.
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