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Ramanujan, far from being malicious about the texts he discusses, obviously loves them. Three of the members were of the opinion that the essay was germane to the course and that there was nothing wrong with it.

The Sunday Guardian. The 5th century CE Vasudevahindi of Sanghadasa narrates the prophecy that the first child born of Ravana and Mandodari would bring about his destruction.

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Ramanujan, while referring to the diversity and apparently contradictory element of unity in the Indian traditions, refers to an Irish joke about whether to classify trousers as singular or plural: singular from the top, plural from the bottom.

Singaravelu, S. While I do not entirely agree with the author that every version is equally authoritative and thus deserves equal space and respect in the academic world of Ramayana, I am grateful that I came across this essay.

It contains false stories quoted under one pretext or oral and other sic without any authenticity.

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His words provide a clue as to what the issue is really about. Not to mention the exponential number of variants hosted by Indian vernacular languages in classical and folk traditions.

Instead of pandering to unreason, the university should be true to itself, stand its ground and reinstate Ramanujan.

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Three hundred Ramayanas