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Newspapers, in particular, have experienced financial hardships due adverse financial market conditions, declining advertising revenues, and competition from proliferating news sources. President Donald Trump uses Twitter as a mechanism for getting messages directly to his followers while averting journalistic and political gatekeepers, including high ranking members of his personal staff. The diversity of content disseminated by new media has created opportunities such as the ability for more voices to be heard. Xenos, and Verena K. The ambiguous position of the media as a mouthpiece for politicians renders journalists complicit in the proliferation of bad information and faulty facts. Thesis: Social media websites are some of the most popular haunts on the Internet. This leads to an indirect way of driving politics.

You might even start to believe that this is a banana. The politician seeks not to address the real issues, but instead to shift the ground of battle to issues of information management and technical questions of procedure.

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Kiley, Jocelyn. Most of the larger news stations are owned by an extremely rich democrat or an extremely rich republican.

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New political media are forms of communication that facilitate the production, dissemination, and exchange of political content on platforms and within networks that accommodate interaction and collaboration. The Ascendance of Fake News The most extreme illustration of the concept of post-truth reporting is the rise of fake news. The logistics and skills necessary to create content are less formidable. Furthermore, Collin does express how these perceptions created from gender, race, and sexuality not only affects the black community but also impacts other interracial injustices. He maintains that the mainstream media are out-of-touch with a wide swath of the public. Some scholars argue that new media are closing the gap between distant journalists and the mass public by giving voice to those who have felt left out Duggan and Smith, Professional media editors who regulate the flow of information by applying news principles and standards associated with the public good have become scarce Willis, The watchdog press provides a check on government abuses by supplying citizens with information and forcing government transparency. He is currently serving a four-year prison sentence Aisch, et al. Commercial pressures lead media organizations to feature incendiary stories that receive the most attention. It will be interesting to observe how this plays out. Echo Chamber. Lets take an example of the television channels. In the age of social media, politicians and people running for office are able to target their campaigns. Countering outright lies by public officials has almost become an exercise in futility, even as fact-checking has become its own category of news.

Similarly, media has full control of choosing which stories to cover. His report stated the Bush did not serve in the National Guard; however he retracted that statement because of false information.

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Candidates pushing an extreme agenda have amplified this trend. The scandal was elaborated on, some accusations were false, and others were just exaggerated.

The public became more involved with the actual production and distribution of political content.

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The Onion is the best known of these, but there are now many others as well. These trends have seriously influenced the quality and nature of news content as well as the style of political reporting, which has become more heavily infused with infotainment and quotes from Twitter feeds. Results indicated the media influenced views about issue importance among the general public and government policy makers. New media have enhanced the capacity of reporters to fulfill their watchdog role, even in an era of dwindling resources for investigative journalism. Facts explain things. The cost of producing and distributing information on a wide scale have been reduced. Delli Carpini. Williams, Bruce A. New York: Cambridge University Press. Partisan Conflict and Congressional Outreach. Initially, the public responded positively to the more accessible communication channels, calling in to political talk programs and participating in online town hall meetings. The size of traditional newsrooms in the U. New York: Oxford University Press.
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Essay on The Influence of the Media on Politics