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Use clear descriptors, such as compass directions, to orient your reader to the exterior walls. Describe main streets and access to building or property. Identify witnesses by last name throughout report. Describe problem s that may have contributed to the fire. For buildings, this should include the age of the building, the type of building, the style of construction, a description of the foundation and roof and the number of floors. Having this information allows government agencies to improve safety standards for buildings and can give families a sense of closure. Fire out or still in progress. A diagram may be necessary at a complex or complicated fire scene. Description of the Structure The next section is a description of the structure or vehicle. Using bullet points can help clarify your points. List status of case and reasons for that determination. Description Date if different than dispatch date. Make entries if any specialized forensic work is to be completed prints, photos, blood, etc.

Reports must answer the basic questions about the fire and the investigation--who, what, where, when, why, and how. If an accidental fire, give the reason s why you have reached your conclusion.

Reports must be proofread. Identify when the interview took place hour clock.

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Note the areas with the most damage as well as burn patterns or smoke patterns. And before you write a report, know why you are writing a report.

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A diagram may be necessary at a complex or complicated fire scene. Signup for a free iAuditor account to download and edit this checklist.

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Establish condition of utilities.

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