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Any forms of collusive behavior in a market could be at risk of being prosecuted under the Competition Ordinance Competition Commission,p. The prices in an oligopolistic market very rarely change.

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After analysis of data, it can have characteristics from other market structures as well such as oligopoly or possibly monopolistic competition.

The results from the data analysis revealed that Apple Inc.

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The reason for doing this is to see whether different degrees of market structure may exist in Apple Inc. The data does not suggest significant price competition between the three firms since NTK charges nearly twice the price of ITS and HKExcel who do seem to have similar prices. Economics: Course Companion. It is impossible to measure this aspect because there are no formal records for theirs transections. However, this imperfect competitive market demonstrates that there is market failure. This remains a debate due to the characteristics of the telecom industry in the UAE. From my observation, the service provided seems to require minimal variable costs, since the product being sold is knowledge. Now, the smartphone and laptop market will be separately evaluated and compared to each other.

It shows that each company prices their products differently; Apple Inc. The aim of the survey is to find out how tuition centers differentiate themselves to establish brand loyalty, the nature of the price elasticity in the industry and to determine the estimated market share.

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By producing differentiated products, a consumer will be able to tell a difference between the products of one firm to another. Therefore, the sample may not be fully representative of international school students.

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Chapter 3 describes the chosen method and Chapter 4 presents the data, findings and analysis of the investigation. Early Bird Offer.

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On the 27th of September , Apple Inc. Following that will be research into the topic in order to verify my hypothesis formed earlier. Always reference your analysis to the market structure your research question stated. MTR Line In order to discover if there are other explanations for the clustering of centers, I further investigated the geographical areas of the tuition centers locations. Hence, both firms will move closer to the midpoint of the street to maximize the amount of customers they can attract and eventually both firms will be located in the midpoint of the street with high proximity and having customers evenly dispersed again Ridley, It shows that each company prices their products differently; Apple Inc. This should be written after you finish writing essay. The analysis, the most important part of the EE, will determine whether your essay will be good or bad. A sample of the survey is attached in Appendix I. It also gave the firm the right to issue licenses for owning, importing, manufacturing, using or operating telecommunication equipment. Overview of the Hong Kong Education System. This is conducted through interviews and statistical price data analysis. The final assumption is that factors of production are mobile, meaning that land, labour, and capital can be altered in a response to the market conditions changing. Economic profit levels are key evidences to show which market structure the industry follows since oligopoly can earn abnormal profits in long run but monopolistic competition cannot. Put the word count at the end of the final paragraph in square brackets.
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