Footnote to youth monologue

Many more children came. He was afraid, he felt afraid of the house.

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Yet she wished she had not married. It must be so to make youth Youth.

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She had a small brown face and small black eyes and straight glossy hair. There was interminable work that kept her tied up. He was not long in bathing, then he marched homeward again.

Activity 1.

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The bananas were overripe and when one held them they felt more fluid than solid. Jose Garcia villa is a great write coz aside from having nice story; he also had the point of view where we can have the knowledge of something related to what will happen to us. He did not tell that to Dodong, but Dodong guessed it. Dodong ate fish and rice, but did not partake of the fruit. He sat down on a saw-horse with his feet close together. He was still like a tree and his thoughts were confused. Dodong did not read it, so absorbed was he in himself. The bath made him feel cool.
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Footnote to Youth