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In this capacity, it is responsible for the security, legality and smooth running of the Auctions it organises, in accordance with Articles L.

I will look at this further if it languishes.

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Vehicles subject to these procedures can only be re-registered in France after approval of the repairs by an accredited appraiser.

I have a few minutes to improve the syntax of this thing though at the moment. For any dispute, only French law is applicable and the Commercial Court of Paris shall have exclusive jurisdiction. Mathglot talkUTC It's very technical and btw is more geometry and architectural drawing than pure mathematics.

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The Automotive Professional must accept any interruption or temporary or permanent suspension of the Photo Pack service for any reason and duration whatsoever, without any right to compensation or reduction in the Sale prices as detailed in Appendix 1. Site rencontre gratuit en ligne belgique Plan q paris riehen Gareauxblacks com boulogne sur mer Plac libertine nouslibeertin Transe sexuel ivry sur seine Tchat Sexe Net Libertin.

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Use the notice rough translation, for example, rough translationGermanDeutsch. Expanding the English page from the German page, but there is a lot of new English text that just needs some proofreading or copyediting. If anyone wants to adopt it or just work on it a little, please feel free. Vehicles for which a Photo Pack is available are indicated with a camera pictogram beneath the photo of the Vehicles concerned in the sales catalogue. The original German in parts is not very good. To find out more about the costs and conditions applicable to the Delivery Option, the Automotive Professional should refer to the Specific General Terms and Conditions for the Delivery Option. Language seems ok at first glance, although somewhat stilted and potentially using some odd wording. After this time, the contents of the Photo Pack will no longer be available. The usage right thus granted to the Automotive Professional is non-exclusive and limited to strictly personal use without any entitlement to assign, transfer or make it available to any third party whatsoever, by any means whatsoever, either free of charge or for consideration. Not sure how to translate. The Automotive Professional acknowledges that they have been informed and have accepted that the Photo Pack contains at least 6 six photographs of the Vehicle concerned. I haven't examined them yet, to see if they all belong here; maybe we could mark them as we go through them, and either strike out or delete the entries that look fine in English, and mark the ones. The Automotive Professional acknowledges that they can only obtain and use a Photo Pack concerning a Vehicle of which they have been declared the Purchaser and not any other.

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