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I love my country. However, numbers show that there is still a noticeable gap. Gender should not be the thing that defines us or separates us from our fellow athletes. In this case, I had to move on. The commercial, by the investment adviser Wealthsimple, contrasts the paths of two young players, a boy and a girl. Simply put, there still need to be more women in leadership roles, though significant progress continues to be made. Gender Equality — the stats! All-Star who plays guard for the Dallas Wings, recently appeared in a commercial to raise awareness about pay inequity. The team won a wage increase that year after threatening a boycott. People love watching women surf big waves, so the whole sport will grow. We need to pave the way for or daughters, just as we do our sons. Within two weeks , the female rowers had new locker rooms. Even though the gender pay gap in sport has been narrowing over the years, it still very much exists.

But equality, while a highly visible and immediate indicator of progress, is only one part of the equation. Less than two weeks later, the team reached a four-year deal with U.

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Months later, in September, Valenti and other female surfers earned a victory when the World Surf League announced it would offer equal prize money to men and women.

Women and men should be seen as, and treated as, equals in all respects. Media tend to represent women athletes as women first and athletes second. I have a very young daughter and I hope that one day she will love sports as much as I do. She finished anyway, becoming the first woman to complete the race as an official entrant.

Women were excluded from the first modern Olympic Games, held in Athens inand were only allowed to gradually start joining in four years later. In this case, I had to move on. Coverage of Women's Competitions and Practice There continues to be an imbalance in the quality and quantity of sports coverage of sports women compared to that of men.

This was met with backlash from both female and male players including World Number 1 Serena Williams who was vocal in expressing her views on the subject. She will certainly be encouraged to play, learn and get involved in a variety of sports as a kid.

I love my country.

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I thought the main issue in women's sports was equal pay. I was wrong