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They all have to wear these extremely overdesigned, uncomfortable-looking dresses with skirts and sleeves that you could drive a truck into despite the torso clinging to their tits like a wet washcloth. I did give the characters a 6 though, and there are reasons for that. It's basic emotional manipulation. The five heroines, now in high school, investigate the tree as members of the occult research society and transform Kotarou into a familiar, but he refuses to do what they demand. The video was animated by White Fox , [30] and directed by Motoki Tanaka. Another heroine is first-year student Sizuru Nakatsu, a shy girl on the public ethics committee [17] who has excellent hearing, eyesight and can read lips. Eight of the main characters from Rewrite have background music leitmotifs —the six heroines, Haruhiko Yoshino and Sakuya Ohtori. His sister is more manly. It wasn't quite what we got, but at least we got some of it.

It has all the time it spends having Armstrong pull of his shirt and yell about being manly. May fawning comically over Ed. That's not how you do themes, man.

They said that although it is mostly upbeat with amazing action scenes, it also touches upon the human condition.

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Kotarou at this point is a unified entity of all the Kotarous from all timelines where humanity was destroyed and he has memories of these events.

Kotarou becomes disillusioned with Guardian's tactics and returns to Kazamatsuri where he meets Kagari again. Like Sizuru, Lucia is a member of Guardian and has the ability to produces poisonous miasma and pus as a result of an experiment by Guardian, which she takes medication for to suppress.

They're entirely predictable, not because they feel like real people but because they do the same things over and over again.

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It is also possible to customize the Occult Research Society's clubroom and Kotori's forest studio where the characters reside as a home base. All about the anime: trailers, photos, screenshots, screencaps, wallpapers, comments, anime rating. For every joke the show has that lands, it tries about five others that fall on their face. Is it to introduce the setting? Not one. Sizuru is a member of Guardian who has the ability to produce various chemicals inside her body which can be used to heal herself and others, paralyze and cause amnesia. Except the plot took so long to come in that I lost interest before it even happened. I'm certainly not the law of the land or anything. What books do they like? I actively looked forward to the openings and endings. A remix album titled Dye Mixture featuring tracks from both Rewrite and Harvest festa! Kotarou's aging is also slowed as a consequence. Four volumes of Side-Terra were released between September 27, and September 27, The Moon's Kagari is trying to research a way so the Earth and humanity are not destroyed, and Kotarou attempts to buy her time while fighting a hoard of familiars summoned by Sakura Kashima of Gaia whose resolve is to annihilate humanity by killing Kagari. Kazamatsuri has basically no focus at all.

The people who are in it suck. I like the set-up too, if I may say so myself.

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Another remix album titled Crann Mor featuring tracks from Rewrite was released on December 29, at Comiket Reception[ edit ] In , Rewrite ranked five times in the top ten in national PC game pre-orders in Japan. Resist age? Kotarou's aging is also slowed as a consequence. And have I mentioned the humor? There are seven homunculi in the show, incarnations of the seven deadly sins, and they so utterly clobber their "good-guy" counterparts in terms of being engaging, personable subtle characters that it isn't even funny. Are you about to call Halling and Kyle liars? They are the ones that suffer from dismal repetition and blatant violation of show-don't-tell. Ling passing out from lack of food. In the past, the Earth had sent this energy to the Moon so life could continue. The top three winners would each get a downloadable wallpaper , and first place would get original artwork for the wallpaper. Remember how those shows were absolutely nothing like that? This is merely an argument against FMA:B being the be-all-end-all of anime. I don't give out 7s all that lightly, believe me.

Development[ edit ] Rewrite is Key's ninth game, and is the first of Key's visual novels to feature a image aspect ratio instead of the previously-used aspect ratio.

As far as I'm concerned, that opening could have been the end of the show. Yeah so I forgot to mention something.

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