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Action learning: A journey in discovery and development. In some cases, the organizations decide to try action learning out of disillusionment with approaches that failed.

The method has three main components: people who accept responsibility for taking action on a particular issue; problems, or the task that people set themselves; and a set of six or so colleagues who support and challenge each other to make progress on problems.

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Action Learning Components Action Learning is a process of insightful questioning and reflective listening. Shurville and Rospigliosi have explored using virtual action learning to promote self-management by the team. This was true to a large extent in the computer responsiveness problem I outlined. Action Learning AL forms the backbone of all their programmes…. Action Learning is one of the methods effective programmes use to help participants apply learning. Some of us believe that facilitation should be used primarily at the start of an action learning experience and then quickly fade out. Trainers need to understand that the introduction of action learning does not cause the human resource development HRD function to go away. As Revans points out in all of his writing, you must capacitize organizations to learn apace with ideally, faster than change if you expect to survive. How will I capitalize on it in the future? The learning can receive insufficient emphasis in such a situation. The lack of a tightly defined framework can be a distraction, especially to those accustomed to curriculum design. Therefore, interpersonal relationships become critical. The goal is usually to ask challenging questions, or to challenge the respondent's perspective. They called together a team of people from different FPL areas to troubleshoot the problem. This is a Japanese award named after an American, Edward Deming.

The second trend relates to learning organizations and continuous learning. There is controversy, however, about the need for an action learning coach.

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This makes action learning a good fit with self-directed work teams SDWT. The concept of action learning tends to be very egalitarian, with action learning sets operating without a designated leader.

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My strategy for explaining action learning in this article is to frame it in relation to societal trends and the prism of practice.

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Action Learning in a Nutshell