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Whatever will happen has happened and all you can do is to move on.

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A glass rod should be used instead. The stains could be living bacteria from previous experiments as the bottles had been used many times. Remember to pat yourself on the back after completing your EE.

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February 12, ok, so I decided to choose biology as my subject area for my extended essay. Failing is more common than succeeding After diving into my biology EE, I realised how easy it was to carry out experiments in class compared to conducting your research project.

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Then the adjustment was inappropriate and had distorted the data. Absolute Astronomy.

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Another factor was leakage in the pressure cooker See figure 8. Accessed March 24, Improvements for these are to correctly label the apparatuses and use larger volume of sample while diluting. McFarland standards. Tea Tree and Their Therapeutic Properties. One reason was because the sample size was very small. Due to the broken bonds, enzymes gets denatured and affects the efficiency of the catalysis as the active site no longer maintains its original shape.

This bump went on for over five months. The same applies to your EE.

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There are guidelines in doing this and you need to follow it. Finally, sorry for the long post, but forum rules said to be specific, cuz u cant read my mind, so this is just me stating what's on my mind! This solid part is the Korean fermented soybean paste, doenjang. Kim, Hae-Yeong. The difference in ODNB of the samples might be insignificant after all. Choose your topic: The time you narrow down your subject, you need to choose your topic. January 19 Researching is your key in order to know more details about your topic and to know what topic you will discuss. Cheltenham: Stanley Thornes; Altman Lab Home Page. Nevertheless, I came to realise that no matter what topic you choose, as long as you pour your heart into it, you will not regret the outcome. These soybean blocks are dried for 3 days in the air, tied up with rice straw, and then traditionally hung at the edge of an eave for 1 to 2 months to initiate natural fermentation, which involves Bacillus sp. Be careful in writing your notes. Bottle caps of the liquid solutions should not be tightly screwed to avoid pressure accumulation within the bottles.

Plan ahead Imagine beginning to piece a puzzle together; you usually know what the big picture looks like first before connecting the parts. Figure 8.

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