People should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as it does not harm anyone

There would be no more war, no more hatred, no more cruelty, no more greed. Many very sane and very normal human beings are involved in regular activities that hurt themselves. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.

What business have I in the woods if I am thinking of something out of the woods? Forster - When is the last time that you had a great conversation, a conversation that wasn't just two intersecting monologues, which is what passes for conversation a lot in this culture?

do whatever you want as long as you dont hurt anyone philosophy

Breathe out, look in, let go. First, we all have an inner teacher whose guidance is more reliable than anything we can get from a doctrine, ideology, collective belief system, institution, or leader.

But, you must also understand "and". No two branches the same to Wren. As little as you can do to make the sun rise in the morning. You have a choice whether to open or close, whether to hold on or let go, whether to harden or soften, whether to hold your seat or strike out.

As long as youre not hurting anyone

In fact, there's more than room for everyone; there's a need for everyone. The great breakthroughs in our lives generally happen only as a result of the accumulation of innumerable small steps and minor achievements. People who can open to the web of life that called us into being, and who can rest in the vitality of that larger body. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. You are already naked. Open your heart to who you are, right now, not who you would like to be. Every tree is full of angels. You pull away from the love that is the well-spring of your vitality. The world is its own magic.
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Should adults be able to do what they want as long as it doesn't effect others?