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However, in larger societies people often belong to groups that put forward guides to behavior that conflict with the guide put forward by their society, and members of the society do not always accept the guide put forward by their society.

Likewise, a businessperson who is a CEO has vowed to make a profit for the company -- it is unethical for him to better his once-humble family's home life with largess while stealing funds even from wealthy stockholders. But all of them involve other matters as well. This might seem to suggest a somewhat different definitional claim about morality: that morality consists in the most basic norms in terms of which we justify ourselves to others.

If a person does not care enough about the game to abide by the rules, she can usually quit. As has already been mentioned, morality, in the normative sense, is sometimes taken to prohibit certain forms of consensual sexual activity, or the use of recreational drugs.

What is the morality for me? The continued existence of a group may depend on widespread conformity to codes of morality; an inability to adjust moral codes in response to new challenges is sometimes credited with the demise of a community a positive example would be the function of Cistercian reform in reviving monasticism; a negative example would be the role of the Dowager Empress in the subjugation of China to European interests.

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These accounts can of course be taken to underwrite various forms of morality in the descriptive sense. This differs from coercion in that coercion disregards the intentions of the weaker states.

The independence of God from us makes him prone to human weaknesses Mill 12 himself explicitly defines morality as the rules and precepts for human conduct, by the observance of which [a happy existence] might be, to the greatest extent possible, secured.

But Scanlon also places very heavy emphasis on the fact that if he is right about the subject matter of morality, then what compliance with moral norms allows us to do is to justify our behavior to others in ways that they cannot reasonably reject. Scanlon, T.

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People change their moral values to benefit themselves over others