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Will this matter for your topic? Or are they simply designed to hook readers? You should question if the information was verified for accuracy before being placed on the Web. Below are techniques you can use to judge whether or not a website is an appropriate source of information for college-level work.

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And it helps Google know which search results are popular and should be displayed higher up the rankings. Sometimes ads might not be so obvious, for example, blog posts can be written to promote a product. Is the purpose to: inform? Contrast this to a news feature, which pulls together results and ideas from other researchers' work. This database keeps track of thousands of journals and magazines. Working links indicate the website is being maintained and updated regularly. Bouncing away from sites is a natural part of researching. Does the site provide the information you need? Is the author affiliated to an academic institution or credible organisation? Coverage: look at the scope of the topics and materials included in the work or website.

Is it available elsewhere, in print or electronic format? Is the information complete or fragmented? Is the information up to date? Has the author published works in traditional formats?

website evaluation paper examples

I know I am. Can you rely on the information? You can look for when the article was written or it might tell you when it was last updated. You Might Also Enjoy. By addressing the questions below, you can reasonably determine if an Internet resource is a reliable source of information.

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