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In this example we are simply adding elements of type String to the ArrayList aStates and aTerritories. It would be nice not to have the same page repeatedly appear in the navigation history stack. As the user visits various pages on your Web site, his navigation history stack will continue to grow and he will be able to quickly jump back to previous pages on your site. From lines 32 to 34, the enumProjects enumerator is stepped through, visiting each element in the Hashtable collection. The output is shown in Figure 2. Add "Judy", Removing Elements from a Queue With a Queue, you can only remove the element at the head. Each collection type has a number of similarly named functions that perform the same tasks. As with all the other collection types, the SortedList also contains a Clear method that removes all elements. IsPostBack then 5: lblDirInfo. This class internally maintains two arrays: a sorted array of the keys and an array of the values. To simply examine the element at the head without altering the queue, use the Peek method.

When a user first visits the page, Page. Add "Sally", The Insert method of the ArrayList class provides this capability, allowing the developer to add an element to a specific spot in the ArrayList collection. NET Framework consists of hundreds of classes broken down into a number of logical namespaces.

Rather, similar to the Hashtable class, there is only a single method to add elements to the collection: Add. Session-level variables, which are discussed in greater detail in Chapter 14, "Managing State," are a simple way to maintain state on a per-user basis.

For example, each collection type has a Clear method that removes all elements from the collection, and a Count property that returns the number of elements in the collection.

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The Remove method dissects a single element, whereas the Clear method removes all elements from a Hashtable.

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