Specialized writing and reporting literary journalism essays

In this article authenticity is defined as a feeling of truth that can be achieved through various journalistic principles and fictive techniques as I will show in my two case studies.

Writers craft this category of essay by completing research and then writing the narrative using the elements of fiction, literary techniques, and poetic devices. In: Literary Journalism —Studies 1. Oxford Help fund your experience at Banff Centre.

According to Wolfe, the finest pieces of New Journalism were written in the third person.

specialized writing and reporting literary journalism essays

Taken together electronic properties can lead to an increase in authenticity and credibility for online narrative journalism. This is what effective digital citizenship is all about. Especially with the rise of New Journalism in the s and 70s — a catchall term for a group of journalists and writers that relied predominantly on literary techniques — the scholarly debate about the relationship between fact and fiction, objectivity and subjectivity, reached a new dimension.

New York Wiesbaden For instance, experts in film write film reviews, ,experts in music write music reviews, experts on art write literary journalistic essays about painting, sculpture, photography. Online literary reportages represent an imperative counterweight to conventional journalism that is essential both for our emotional and intellectual survival. He has gathered material about the crisis since These passages convey background information and at the same time increase credibility. Moreover, the features of the Internet allow for new forms of multiperspectival narration. Borden: Journalism as Practice ref. Commission The time between acceptance to the program and the draft deadline should be used for research and manuscript development in consultation with one of two faculty editors. Thirdly, hypertextuality enforces a disordered and disjointed reading experience. In: Literary Journalism Studies 1. Contact an expert and interview them. Prior to writing this reportage, Bowden travelled to Iran to conduct several interviews. Writers can use different methods of research, including: 1. According to Tom Wolfe, one of the key founders of the movement, New Journalism can be seen as synonymous to literary journalism.

Literary reportages as the ones by Bowden and Delgado-Kling are not just a concomitant of the postmodern hypertext tradition but should be read as an open invitation to the readers by the author to imagine mutually in a possible world full of possible characters striving to get to their goals in such a way that constitutes a direct reflection of our own experiences as we might have moved, achieving our goals in a world which vehemently opposes and gives us much less than we truly desire.

According to Bowden, the future of journalism is online. In: Narrative, Winter In: Philadelphia Inquirer,

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Narrative Journalism in the Age of the Internet