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Shilts, In UK it is found that Unawareness and illiteracy prevails in this section. The reasons behind such increase are underlying below Lifestyle: Absorbing limitless alcohol can be the major source of developing the symptoms of such disease as alcohol can boost the level of oestrogen and when it increases abnormally it makes an adverse effect on breasts.

The people have become so much work-oriented.

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Therefore, considering the above need some preventive measures need to be taken. Undoubtedly, increasing numbers of leisure centers will positively influence the public health. It is better to get rid of alcohol otherwise, drink in a moderate standard. To begin with, healthy lifestyle is a choice and habit of an individual. This aids them to develop programs that can be implemented for prevention of disease. In this way habit can be made within the section of population to buy healthy food product. All the canvassing have been done in the presence of the dieticians in these programs It has developed student challenge club where many physical instructors are appointed for providing guidance on physical activities. Reasons of increase in the number of obese people in UK Poor diet: People in UK have very bad food habits of eating so much of fast food and taking so much of sugary substances in the diet. It acts as a tool to analyse and interpret the analysis in s form that helps in identifying the need to introduce different health programs for the population. First, it is important.

There are many programs that are set for the cessation of smoking that may cause the diseases like cancer. This program focuses on educating the population regarding the preventive measures that can be used while having sex.

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Rather, they believe in some unscientific ways to remove such problems. Tertiary prevention: This is the last step of prevention that aims at taking care of the patients who are suffering from the chronic diseases.

Public health assignment

Therefore, considering the above need some preventive measures need to be taken. Universal screening refers to screening of a particular group from the population. Another type of screening is case finding that refers to screening of the individuals who are assumed diseased. The goal of this program is as follows: To develop awareness among public in respect of immediate harmful effect by smoking Providing encouragement to the smoker to give up this habit. Conclusion: The posters could keep for making the public aware as to what they need to do when they see unclean street. Wright, Obesity: The main cause of being obese is the eating habits of the people. They can easily target the population with higher risk by studying the data regarding the cause and effect of the disease. This aids them to develop programs that can be implemented for prevention of disease. Therefore, the pros increasing numbers of sports centres outweigh the cons.

Place an order Task 2 2. Ali, Strategy also includes altering approaches making it modern and more systematic for staying healthy for a long period of time.

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This results in increase of calories and hence leads to obesity. The writer will explore the impact of alcohol on the individual and the community and policy on alcohol, whiles critically evaluating the role of the nurse and the effectiveness of the policy. The trend of developing the symptoms of this disease is moving up. Its focus is to provide safety and security to the breast cancer prone women in UK The law emphasizes on improving the standard of diagnosis as well as medication facilities Strengthening screening procedure There should not be no manipulation with the collection of ethnicity data to address disparity. Therefore, a major part of the health budget should be allocated to provide all people with medicine. Some of the diseases cannot be cured, but can only be treated lifelong to live a healthy life. Write about the following topic Some people say that the best way to improve public health is by increasing the number of sports facilities. Scarcity of money and ignorance the dwellers of these places are deprived to afford treatment cost of any disease. Unawareness and illiteracy prevails in this section. Vulnerable groups: The most vulnerable group that is the victim of obesity is children under the age of To attract both types of customers like obese and non obese a reduction can be given for buying healthy foods and drinks from these supermarkets. Healthy as well as balanced lifestyle are required to live the life smoothly. Author house Copyright Basavanthappa,B. It does not cure the disease, but aims at providing relief from the illness.
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