The importance of positive interactions children and young people essay

Difficulties may arise when communicating with parent that have hearing impairment or physical disability that could affect their hearing ability, you should ensure that you face them and talk slowly and clearly so they can lip read or have a staff member that can sign language. In different situation the way in which we communicate will vary, when working on learning activity it is important to get children to focus, this will enable them to learn new things efficiently, any distractions need dealt with before they become an interruption.

As this age group is strong willed, most of them have their strong views and ideas and of course they have a personality by themselves.

Children also need to be able to understand how their own feelings might affect their behavior and you may need to talk to them about this. Professional: you may need to support or help others with things such as planning or you may be asked if others can observe you while working with students.

So Circles of Friends is a useful tool to help create this support network around the person.

Alternatively if the answer is unknown you could suggest alternative method of finding out for example internet or book, and you could help them to find it out. The older they are the more technical answer is normally required. Children also need to be able to understand how their own feelings might affect their behavior and you may need to talk to them about this. Sometimes you have to raise our voices so I can be heard or to get your point across but when dealing with children that is not always the best way, if you want them to do something it is better to ask them calmly, smiling and with a positive attitude. If information needs to be shared with other staff or agencies it must be done through the correct channels, parent consent in most instances will be required. This encourages them to trust you and then they will more likely to confide in you. Your child being seriously ill is bad enough, but the sad reality for many children and young people with serious mental health problems is that when they need to be admitted to hospital, they often have to travel miles , sometimes across the other side of the country, to find a bed. Section 1 links to assessment criteria 1. It is also essential to keep parents up to date with upcoming events with the school, great way to do this is weekly newsletter and more recently sending text messages as reminders. The teacher must be able to communicate and interact with each child regardless of their learning abilities and age.

For example if you are speaking to a parents who is hearing impaired, you might make sure that you are facing them and giving eye contact so they can lip-read.

Relationships are important on so many levels, and across the life course. The process of listening, without interruption, to what the children has to say, shows them that you are interested in what he wants to sayin their views, opinions related to an event, and encourages them to interact with you.

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Babies with strong, positive emotional bonds to their caregivers show consistently lower levels of cortisol in their brains. When communicating with other staff about pupils it must be given in a professional matter and in an appropriate place away from others.

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However, there are some children who, for various reasons need some help with this.

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Developing Positive Relationships with Our Young Essay