The report card book review

After that test, Nora observes, "All the kids started keeping track of test scores and homework grades. Why or why not?

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It was truly an amazing book. As a genius, she struggles to keep her grades low so nobody will know. When she is confronted by the principal, Ms. Rowley: Nora's mom who expects great grades for all her children Mr. In regards to Clements is a great youth storyteller. School was suddenly all about the competition, and grades were how you could tell the winners from the losers.

Some parts that weren't cool is that in my opinion I think that Nora should have described her plan way better. They don't need to be in an "elitist" group of kids, segregated from the rest of their peers because of some test they took that said they were "smart". I couldn't put it down.

So far, I love this book!

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The Report Card by Andrew Clements Book Review and Ratings by Kids