Uae construction porter s 5 forces model

Too much disruption in any of these areas may even mean that a company is no longer able to stay in business.

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Threat of Substitutes: The biggest threat to the diamond industry are from high quality high tech synthetic diamonds. In these cases, a company will be helpless and unable to save itself. In many situations, organisational strengths and weaknesses are aligned with the industries strengths and weaknesses on a macro-economical level. Construction companies are looking towards other GCC nations such as Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as they offer more opportunities. Recent reviews state that the construction sector is currently heading towards the crossroads of success. Products Offered:. These industries and organizations provide necessary Page 12 of 15 services, markets and information for improvement and strengthening of competitiveness of the logistic cluster.

Despite the sluggish growth in amidst the global Page 6 of 15 financial distress, the UAE construction industry managed to record strong growth during and contributed approx. Its ultimate function is to explain the sustainability of profits against bargaining and against direct and indirect competition.

Uae construction porter s 5 forces model

If processes are in place then the risk associated with them can be minimized. Competitive market Statistics of market shares in the construction industry prepared by Oryx Middle East in December display a clear picture of the leading firms involved in contracting activity.

The purpose of five-forces analysis is to diagnose the principal competitive pressures in a market and assess how strong and important each one is.

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Three main factors must be underlined in explaining why Dubai is such a successful logistic cluster. During the s, this industry was negatively affected by such factors as further consolidation of soft drink bottlers and a strong trend toward substitution by many types of plastic packaging.

The country enjoys with relatively high income per capita approximately So, coca cola makes sure that they have kept the prices of their products according to the prices kept by the competitors.

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Example- Government while finalizing the tender for road construction. Players that control the production of some of the commodities they sell must also develop an industrial strategy, and players that acquire and hold stocks of real estate are involved in property investment property strategy. Instead, Dubais lavish shopping and high-end hotel industries largely drove demand from high-end tourists. The following table helps summarise the issues you should consider: Bargaining Power of Suppliers If a firm's suppliers have bargaining power they will: Exercise that power Sell their products at a higher price Squeeze industry profits If the supplier forces up the price paid for inputs, profits will be reduced. Several factors determine the bargaining power of customers, including: Customers tend to enjoy strong bargaining power when: There are only a few of them The customer purchases a significant proportion of output of an industry They possess a credible backward integration threat — that is they threaten to buy the producing firm or its rivals They can choose from a wide range of supply firms They find it easy and inexpensive to switch to alternative suppliers Threat of Substitute Products A substitute product can be regarded as something that meets the same need Substitute products are produced in a different industry —but crucially satisfy the same customer need. Evolve innovations for example airport in the port , and 5. Over the years, this power has moved from De Beers to a more widespread competitive marketplace with a few major competitors and some second tier ones. If there are no substitutes available. The extent of the threat depends upon The extent to which the price and performance of the substitute can match the industry's product The willingness of customers to switch Customer loyalty and switching costs If there is a threat from a rival product the firm will have to improve the performance of their products by reducing costs and therefore prices and by differentiation. The UAE possesses nearly 10 per cent of the worlds total reserves, and there is no doubt that oil will continue to provide the income for both economic growth and the expansion of social services for several more decades at least. Because in long term, many other factors like quality, substitutes also impacts. Generic products on the other hand will have significantly less bargaining room. With a policy of stringent public spending, increased oil revenues, and economic diversification partnered with a fourth consecutive zero-deficit budget, the UAE appears set to strengthen its position as a primary regional trade, business and investment powerhouse. So, to make plans regarding the prices and expenses that needed to be incurred on the product, company requires information and that information will be provided by this forces. There are still limited players, but overall, the increased presence of different companies means a more competitive market.

You can also follow tutor2uBusiness on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channelor join our popular Facebook Groups. It implemented business friendly tax system very low corporate tax which significantly reduces the cost of doing business.

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