Why choose community college

benefits of community college versus university

Go to College without Leaving Home. Not to mention the obvious financial advantage, junior college is a place where you can knock out your general courses and explore your other interests on a schedule that works for you.

Facts about community college

Other community colleges might have automatic admissions programs with select universities that are not major dependent. They love teaching but also want to pursue their own work and interests. Some of their reasons might actually surprise you! Enterprise State especially depends on each other. For example, every freshman and sophomore has to take English , a natural science class such as biology or chemistry, U. When weighing the pros and cons, it is really up to each individual student as to whether community college is a better option. Many junior colleges cost less than two thousand dollars each semester to attend full time. Almost anywhere you live in California, you'll find a community college within commuting distance that reflects the diversity of your community. California Community Colleges offer lots of programs that can have you job-ready within two years or less. Even if you can afford the cost of a four-year college, you've probably got other things you could spend that money on. According to Scholarship. Electronics and aviation are two others where certification can make a huge difference in your employability because, in these fields, experience matters.

I originally was accepted and about three weeks away from paying my deposit to attend Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama.

PTK isn't the only thing you can get involved in on campus. Experience a Different Educational Environment.

disadvantages of community college

Honolulu - Located near downtown Honolulu with additional off-site facilities for aeronautic, marine, automotive and heavy equipment programs. Learn in Smaller Classes from Experienced Instructors. Transitional Countless numbers of college freshman transfer out after their first year of studies.

This could limit your opportunities, or at least slow your progress, in some fields.

reasons to go to community college first
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3 Reasons Why Students Actually Choose Community College