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When should you change your major? Lots of universities, like the one I attend, allow you to come into your freshman year undecided. If you find that it is too hard and you are forced to change your major, it would be a shame if you had already taken three semesters of Computer Science classes that now can't be used toward degree requirements for another major.

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If you feel that you need a more intensive education, you can always consider going to graduate school, or even back for another undergraduate degree. Find the major and programs of study that fit your interests, aptitudes and goals. I eagerly filled the seat in my creative writing class, thinking that I was finally surrounded by likeminded people, those who value writing and literature in the same way that I do. You can go on to do lots of things with lots of majors. Weigh the pros and cons of the situation to decide if this is something you really want to do and if this is right for you. Is Transfer in Your Future? It may not be the ideal, but YouTube offers so many tutorials, guides and lectures on almost anything you could be interested in. Most students go to college not knowing what to major in, and half will change their majors once they've started, according to "The New York Times. There is also the option for you to take one or two classes after you graduate. For the last three years, I have loved my major, and I have even enjoyed my chosen minors, History and Business. Check out the fastest growing industries and the capacity for employment which ranks the industries by the job growth in your region. Moldoff graduated from Drexel University through the cooperative education program and majored in economics with a minor in marketing.

There is no set time limit for these stages. Do it.

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In a growing economy, employment expands making it easier to land a job. What are the best majors for me? Con: You May Not Graduate on Time Sadly, although you may discover you want to change your major in your sophomore or junior year, you might end up having to take an extra semester or two to graduate.

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My advice is this: prepare for a cringeworthy moment follow your gut. The impact of selecting a major will ripple into how long you stay in school and how much it will cost to complete your college degree.

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How to Change Your College Major