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Look for opportunities to save money. Not everyone is comfortable trying to sell and recruit their friends and family members. The services are summarised into three areas: 1. Your upline might tell you that they are trying to educate and train you but in reality they want you to join so they can get a percentage of the money you spend in the system. The best way to build an emergency fund, is slowly. If you are expecting long term success with World Financial Group, then a career change to financial planning is part of the process. The fast start process is very important in World Financial Group. No matter what style of investing you prefer, you will do better if you keep at it for longer. Make sure that you have a system for finding your own customers and selling financial products. This supports our expectation that most of the people who join WFG don't become licensed.

Many WFG associates are first-generation Americans and Canadians, who are realizing the dream of business ownership and living the spirit of entrepreneurship. I'm not sure business owner means what he thinks it means.

WFG business ownership makes sense in a good economy and even better sense in a down one. This makes them less likely to believe that this is a miracle key to financial freedom. World Financial Group is admitting that their system has a track record of high drop out rates Buying products is not compulsory for new associates.

They are proud that many recruits are 'first generation Americans'. It was settled that Amway was not a pyramid scheme because of the wording in their agreements.

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You might choose a simple index fund, or try and invest directly in shares of your choice or even property. Remember these figures were formulated from previous results of WFG associates who know how to sell the dream and avoid the scenario of disaster that comes with answering too many questions. The WFG business opportunity allows you to compete on a level playing field. Unfortunately none of these rules are monitored or enforced. While earning more cash is great, if it were that simple, everyone would do it. If you join, and buy their products , then a world of financial freedom will be opened to you. This means that you will prospect for new customers, but someone in your team with a license will have to handle the final sale of any financial products we assume they would also take a share of the sales commission. Decide where and how to build your business; across the street, across town or across the country. By the time your team is 4 layers deep, you will have associates in your network, all earning residual income for you WFG focuses on people who are 'new to the industry' and tell you that there is 'no experience in financial services necessary'. Even if you know 2, people, then this still won't be enough because they are basing their expectations on prospects who have made it all the way through a presentation and a follow up meeting. Very little attention is given to selling their services or attracting new retail customers. Does this sound like a system which is making financial dreams come true? This explains why the website was so vague Bringing in new recruits is how they make money Part of the process of becoming a new recruit, is completing an online financial needs analysis.

The image below is a table from the leadership manual, which illustrates their expectations for recruitment and retention: They tell us that to get the business going we only need 3 SMDs beneath us. It makes sense for you to do this so that you can decide who gets what.

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You might choose a simple index fund, or try and invest directly in shares of your choice or even property.

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