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Often times, you can find casting director addresses on your audition notices, but in case they switch casting offices, you can look up their information on a number of different websites like LACasting. Please see her!

Sample email to casting director

If acting is what you want, then you should never get discouraged and never stop practicing. It's always more professional to include something in the body of the email. Individual, high-res photos are best, but keep it to a limit of 5 different pictures. It also helps to capture a bit more of your personality, but if you leave a blank space then it's up to their imagination, and that may not always go over how you hope. Format your job listings so the reader encounters the details they want to know first. It's hard to be taken as a serious professional if you can't spell or complete sentences correctly. If you believe in yourself, they'll believe in you. Stay positive. Do be creative. I would be honored to audition for you or self-tape if you think I have the right look. I normally never recommend crashing an audition, but there have been actors who have booked from crashing auditions. Ideally, it's a picture of your head mid chest and up , and majority of the time it's with a plain and simple background. Also, by saving your resume as a PDF, you are preserving the layout and alignment of all your text aka, it will look the same no matter who opens it. Choose from multiple design options to make your cover letter stand out. It will determine the way your project is perceived and actors will be quick to judge your project based on the professionalism of your casting call.

Above all, take special care to be kind in all of your marketing. Inspired by this post? Featuring your accomplishments provides concrete examples of your potential value to a prospective employer.

Online Submissions:. Anyone who has made a feature knows how hard it is to succeed and we tend to be brutally honest with each other and send warnings to each other on a regular basis.

How to contact casting directors

She has launched hundreds of successful acting careers with her expert on-camera coaching and professional guidance. If you haven't heard back on your submission within a week, then maybe consider submitting yourself again, but definitely don't do it twice within a few days. You are expecting actors to give you a lot of information about themselves. Check out more from our Backstage Experts! Actors have to be on the top of their game not only in training, but also in marketing and self-promotion. You will be wasting their time. Trust me, it doesn't look good. Your reputation is on the line when you submit yourself. I would be honored to audition for you or self-tape if you think I have the right look. Give actors an opportunity to see your work to see if they are interested in working with you. So be one!

JPGs or. In artistic fields such as theater, creativity can pay off.

Submitting headshots to casting directors

I work hard, show up early, and absolutely love the art of filmmaking. Send them a thank you card. It's difficult to make out your features in a picture taken from a distance. Have you ever tried to cold email a casting director or a producer for a short film? Do examine the job description to get an idea of what characteristics of a desired candidate the company mentions most often. Filmmakers talk to each other…. Not as a different e-mail, but as a separate attachment.

What would an actor find interesting about this post? Whatever you do, don't just send your picture and resume without specifying which character you are submitting.

Final thoughts: Read the posting carefully, then reply with your submission and any questions.

how to mail headshot to casting directors

Learn more about how to write a killer resume here. Retail Creating an application that stands out from all the rest is a major hurdle when applying for a job.

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13 Do’s and Don’ts of Actor Casting Call Submissions