Writing a letter to a judge on behalf of my son

You need her home to help with bills and their financial support. Just write a short letter but to the point.

Mother writes letter to judge

They don't like long letters. I will send extra prayers tonight for your heart to have some peace. Jennifer really sounds like someone I would enjoy knowing and I hope the judge sees her good heart during her hearing. Verbiage and Length Use the judge's correct title, with the words "Your Honorable" in the letter's heading, and use either "Dear Judge last name or "Your Honor" as the opening greeting. I begged for the mercy of the court to allow her to get help for this and not to punish her for it. I believe any judge in the world would have to respect the heartfelt plea of a mom. Your son's attorney should review the letter before it is sent. Writing a properly presented plea for leniency may help your son. I know I can't write it right now I think if you approach it by stressing that her little boys need her home. Keep the letter under three pages long. We told about what a good Dad he is and how we all loved him and that he had never been in trouble before, etc. The sentence ended up the minimum on the guidelines, as to the other wishes - he is on his way to evaluation I even wrote one about how the system stinks, for myself! I reminded the judge that my son had done a year in jail, and though I knew that was not even the minimum of the sentencing guidelines I was asking her to consider Community Corrections, which in our state is actually being in jail without being in jail.

I told the judge I in no way was minimizing the severity of my son's actions being careful not to name a specific crime but that it would create undue hardship on the family if alternative sentencing could not be considered.

Keep the letter under three pages long.

letter to judge asking for leniency for daughter

I will let you know when I can Love ya all. Reviewed by: Michelle Seidel, B. Writing a properly presented plea for leniency may help your son when facing criminal charges.

pre-sentencing letter to judge

My dad had just had two strokes and heart attack and was staying with me till he recovered.

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How Does a Mother Ask for Leniency for Her Son?