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Recent Posts. How does Yeats manipulate poetic form to explore uncertainties?

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The poet is no longer isolated, but sees visions of crowds, as if he were in a city. In Wild Swans I talked about the way he is comparing his identity to the identity of the environment.

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Even when he moves into the isolation of the tower in this poem, the poet's solitude is interrupted by modern life; the soldiers reach his house by means of the all-too-modern road leading to his tower door. How does Yeats think these might be achieved?

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My thesis was something like, "Yeats explores the tension between the certainty and uncertainty of his own identity through his poetry. The two most mysterious images are of the grief-stricken poet being riddled by light and the ghost of the poet being stricken by the injustice of the skies. Possible Answer: Yeats uses the unresponsive woman as a figure throughout this collection. How does Yeats think these might be achieved? He is feeling uncertain about himself as he realises he's growing older. The poet is no longer isolated, but sees visions of crowds, as if he were in a city. Possible Answer: In his earlier collections, Yeats portrayed the Irish countryside as bucolic, untouched. Possible Answer: This poem alternates between a straightforward account of a man scorned, and more mythological supports. I'd say there are conflicting antithesis' in the poem that are drawing Yeats' in different directions, and this is characterised by his passionate poetry writing. Here Yeats worries whether the souls journey after death still suffers for the sins and remorse over love he has suffered in his life. Buy Study Guide 1 There are many images of discord and unrequited love in this collection. She is undoubtedly modeled after Maude Gonne in most cases. Possible Answer: "All Saint's Day" exposes a mythical, even superstitious side of the poet. Not only does she cause the speaker frustration and pain, but she also allows him to meditate fruitfully on his own condition.

Moreover, any injustice the sky could impose would seem to be physical The dichotomy of meanings and the question mark at the end of the poem makes the poem invite us to decide outcomes for ourselves.

And what if excess of love bewildered them till they died? The value of a text lies in its ability to transcend its context.

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How does the tone differ? Refer to at least two of the poems set for study. Do you agree? This is what you need to define first. I used Wild Swans at Coole!

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